LeapFroggers help start-ups and scale-ups create scalable world-class tech solutions. We succeed by mixing the best of entrepreneurship, startup thinking, and world-class engineering.

What is LeapFroggers?


A team of top decile tech talent


We are a Tech startup studio


We INVEST Tech Capital instead of financial capital


A solid financial know-how and a belief in the right to one's own earned wages

InstaPaid was founded in January 2023 with a vision to revolutionize how employees get their wages paid. InstaPaid helps companies improve employee well-being, gives employees flexible and quick access to earned wages and removes the pain of expensive interest when overdrawing a bank account.

LeapFroggers has invested a large part of its resources in ensuring a fast but stable rollout of the solution. We run all the company’s full technology and product development.

We deliver user experience, visual design, app development, backend development, cloud knowhow, software architecture and quality assurance..

InstaPaid have proved it’s value with thousands of satisfied employees on the solution after the six months being live.



In an era where environmental consciousness and corporate responsibility are top of the mind, organisations worldwide are under increasing pressure to reduce their carbon footprint and embrace sustainable practices. Catalysta emerges as a lighthouse in this landscape, offering expertise in sustainability consulting and carbon accounting solutions.

Founded by specialists with a unique blend of sustainability, technology, procurement, and consultancy expertise, Catalysta aims to empower private companies, government institutions, investors, funds, and foundations in realising their sustainability goals.

From its precision in carbon accounting to its dedication to transparency and integrity, Catalysta represents a new era of sustainable growth and innovation.

We help Catalysta with user experience, visual design, front/backend development, cloud knowhow, software architecture utilise technology and industry knowledge to drive meaningful change towards a greener, more sustainable future.


Advanced optimization algorithms do all the heavy lifting

Optimum Voyage was founded in 2016 and spent the first years perfecting voyage optimization and are continually improving and expanding our methods and solutions

Leapfroggers help Optimum Voyage, scaling up their existing tech team, by providing specialized expertise and expanding their capabilities. This is a common need among growing startups that might not have all the necessary technical skills in-house.

We see enormous potential in applying modern technologies towards achieving the most optimal routing of ships.

Route optimization is one of the most direct ways for ship owners and operators to reduce overspending on voyages, both financially and environmentally. This is part of what makes it rewarding to work with Optimum Voyage.

Our unique value proposition

We have two types of partners. Each with a unique value proposition

Startup - Tech Start-ups & Scale-ups


Tech Start-ups & Scale-ups

With a MVP and proof of business, but no or limited tech team

  • Need to build scalable full-fledged platform, but no or limited tech team​
  • Difficult and expensive to hire top-tech talent​
  • Time-consuming to assess, hire, build and integrate team and build platform from scratch​
  • Lower valuation due to high tech risk​
  • Limited funding due to early stage of company life-cycle​
  • Little experience with platform Scalability, Stability, Flexibility, Auditability and Security​
  • We bring in our experienced team of developers, architects, and product experts and take responsibility for building a future-proff and scalable tech platform
  • We leverage our codified platform modules and best-practices – We don’t start from scratch
  • We document the solution, help hire and train the future tech team, so leave behind a fully operational inhouse tech-team to refine and maintain the platform
  • We can also offer ongoing tech support if/when needed – with access to world-class experts
  • As we take some or all of our compensation as sweat equity, we have 100% aligned interest and are there to support in the long-run

Funding partners

Business angels & pre-seed/seed funds

With investments in tech start-ups and scale-ups

  • High risk of non-scalability of MVP platforms
  • High risk that access to tech talent will be bottleneck for realizing investment potential
  • High risk of individual tech dependability – single-point of failure
  • Lower valuations of tech start-ups without their own development capability
  • Reduce risk and increase speed-to market for their portfolio companies with LeapFroggers solution for start-ups and scale-ups
  • And offer new investment opportunities with lower risk by investing with Leapfroggers through our pipeline of target investable start-ups

“Investing in tomorrow’s technology today is more critical than ever...”

Michael Kayser

Founder & Tech CEO

Michael has been an innovative technology leader since he founded his first tech company 20+ years ago. He has a talent for finding, recruiting and retaining top talent and been successful building world-class platforms by mixing the best of entrepreneurship, start-up thinking, and world class engineering.

The Future of Product Design

Bridging the Gap Between Product Management & Development

Product Design is the bridge between Product Management and Product Development. Product Management quantifies the problems, writes requirements, and validates the solution; Product Design analyzes the requirements, designs the solution, and writes specifications; and Product Development builds the solution, tests and fixes bugs, and writes documentation.

While Product Management is focused on the market and the customers’ business needs and Development is focused on the customers’ technology needs, Product Design is focused on the customers’ end-user needs. Product Design focuses on the users’ experience and their interaction with the technology.

For this reason, Product Management, Design, and Development work together to understand the market, customer, and users’ needs, and design and develop technology solutions that meet these needs.

Let us help you on your digital journey!

We will not only help you build and launch a great digital product. We will take you on a digital journey through the following 6 phases to help your business rapidly respond to changing digital environments and embrace new digital technologies and processes.